Position Description 

Our team is looking for a part-time blog writer for a fully remote position. Apply if you are an efficient and proficient writer looking to learn new skills.

Our company, Functional Medicine Marketing, works with niche practices across the country that prioritize preventive, holistic, and root-cause health. Blogs cover a variety of topics, including general wellness tips, thyroid health, preventive screenings, nutrition, etc. 

This position offers flexible scheduling. Articles are assigned a month in advance and are due on the 15th of each month, which is a great opportunity for individuals who like non-traditional work hours and can manage their own calendars.

Starting pay is $25 per article.

Our writers begin with four or five articles a month, with the opportunity to increase that number depending on your bandwidth and company needs.


Our ideal candidate will be able to:

  • Submit articles on time
  • Proofread articles for grammatical accuracy
  • Make updates to our Monday.com workflow
  • Work remotely without much direct supervision
  • Ask for clarification and direction as needed 

Preferred competencies:

  • General knowledge of SEO best practices
  • Work or academic experience in a health-related field
  • Monday.com or a similar workflow platform
  • Google Docs
  • Chat GPT


How to get started

  1. Application and Portfolio: Email TJ Neathery with a cover letter and relevant portfolio work. Remember, we’re looking for a clear, direct writing style. 
  2. Trial Article: If our team decides to move forward, we will set up a trial article to see if the position is a good fit for both of us. This article will be paid. 
  3. Set Up Monthly Content: After the trial article, we will set you up with regular monthly article assignments – typically four or five to start. 

Article Guidelines

Given the changing landscape of marketing, we recommend that writers make use of Chat GPT to facilitate the writing process and structure articles. The author is responsible for structuring prompts in interesting ways, personalizing articles for the client, removing “AI-isms” by making language sound natural, and incorporating the SEO keyword throughout.

Our management team uses AI every day, and we know what AI sounds like. We will ask for rewrites if it’s clear the content has been copy-and-pasted with no editing.

We provide all keywords and topics.

Our blog posts follow the following guidelines and SEO best practices:

  • 900-1100 words
  • Use the keyword about 7-9 times
  • Format the article using H1 – H3 headers
  • Include external and internal links to helpful sources
  • Add a call to action at the end of the article, asking people to learn more, schedule a call, etc.

About Functional Medicine Marketing

Functional Medicine Marketing is a boutique SEO agency that works with doctors and practitioners focused on root-cause health. Patients want alternatives to long wait lists, complex insurance, and short appointments. That’s why more and more people are turning to functional medicine, which offers personalized wellness plans from doctors they know and trust.

As an SEO agency, Functional Medicine Marketing helps these practices get found on Google through online content, website design, local listings, and ads. Although our core leadership is based in Colorado Springs, our team comes from all over the world. 

Our motto is simple: “We help you help more people.”


Send Applications to: [email protected]

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