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Case Study: True Life Medicine

True Life Medicine is the perfect example of an SEO client who has seen the benefits of consistent optimization. From blogs to service page additions, True Life Medicine has seen their rankings improve across two locations, becoming one of the most well-known...

Best Marketing Strategy for Functional Medicine 2023

Best Marketing Strategy for Functional Medicine 2023

You have big plans for your functional medicine clinic in 2023. You’re hoping to add new clients, roll out new services, and become a more prominent member of your community. You’re providing an alternative option to a healthcare system that is overburdened and,...

How to Increase Health Clinic Revenue

How to Increase Health Clinic Revenue

Functional Medicine Marketing focuses on small clinics primarily in the niches of holistic medicine and direct primary care. In many cases, clinic owners don’t have the same resources as large hospitals and health. Clinicians aren’t just healthcare providers; they’re...