andrew the founder of functional med marketing

Andrew Newland

CEO/Founder of Functional Medicine Marketing
Author of Digital Marketing and SEO for Functional Medicine Practices

LIVE – Weekly Marketing Workshop | Fridays at 12 ET

Get to the “root cause” of your marketing issues.

Dive into a unique approach to growing your Functional Medicine practice without the fluff and hype each week with Andrew Newland CEO of Functional Medicine Marketing.

This workshop will unveil effective methods to attract and retain patients, increase your practice’s visibility, and streamline your operations for better efficiency and growth.


  • Fridays live at 12 ET on Zoom
  • 20-45 minutes
  • Practical Solutions with Q&A
  • Recording replay will be available each week

Topics for Functional Medicine Practices

  • Grow your practice without social media!!!
  • Does anybody actually understand Google Ranking?
  • How do I log in to _________ (you fill in the blank on the platform that is causing you the most issues)?
  • What marketing is best on a limited budget? (I have yet to see somebody with an unlimited budget!!)
  • “I’m the office manager and the owner expects me to do the marketing.” I can give you the plan.
  • And much more…